The AACC offers a broad spectrum of service and opportunities tailored to the needs and interest of our youth where they can learn new skills, develop important competencies and establish healthy supportive relationships with peers and adults. Our programs provide meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging, self esteem, self-identity, leadership skills, self-initiative, positive time management and conflict resolution. These programs include, but not limited to:

The staff of the Ardmore Avenue Community Center is committed and act as vigorous advocates for and with our youth.

Studies have shown that one key factor in a young person’s resiliency is a supportive, mentoring relationship with a non-related adult, which can be a staff person from a youth organization. Even under the most adverse living conditions, relationships between children and adults, which are supportive, continuous, and of substantial intensity, can provide youth with the high expectations, attention, and guidance that they need to grow up healthy.

A Brief History of the Center

Ardmore Avenue Community Center History

Ardmore Avenue Community Center History

The Ardmore Avenue Community Center was organized in 1968 through the efforts of a group of visionary, community minded residents responding to the serious need for a youth center to serve the approximately 500 families in the area. By 1970 the corps of backers had grown to include the Ardmore Progressive Civic Association and other Lower Merion Township leaders. After negotiating with the Township, permission was secured to use a building conveniently situated in Ardmore adjacent to the Ardmore Avenue Playground (now the Vernon V. Young Memorial Playground). The site was ideal. The Center was called the Soul Shack.

The dreams of many Ardmore residents and community representatives became a reality when the Township of Lower Merion approved the development of a new facility to replace the existing Soul Shack Youth Center. In 1977, with government funding, a new Ardmore Avenue Community Center was erected with over 7100 square feet of space. This occasion not only represented the addition of a new facility for the youth of Ardmore, but it marked the beginning of a unique relationship between the Township of Lower Merion and the representatives of the Non Profit organization called the Soul Shack. The Township and the Soul Shack Community Board agreed to enter into a written agreement that would provide the necessary framework to insure the continuation and improvement of meaningful life experience for the residents of Ardmore.

The primary objective of the written agreement between the two parties is to provide a meaningful and productive Community Center for the youth and adult population of the Ardmore Community. The agreement developed represents a mutual understanding and commitment of both parties to accomplish these objectives.

Our Staff

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CRYSTAL UTERProgram Assistant
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LARRY SCOVENSProgram Coordinator
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“If we are to reach real peace in this world… we shall have to begin with children.” — Mahatma Gandhi