The AACC established a mission of providing a wide range of educational, recreational, cultural and social resources for residents, particularly children and youth in South Ardmore and its neighboring communities.

“Teaching the Youth of Today…Tools for Tomorrow” is the motto of the AACC.  Our goal through our many programs is to give our youth the tools and confidence needed to become strong goal oriented adults who will have a positive impact on the community and the future.  These children are going to become adults whether they are helped through the growing process or not.  The Center prefers to give whatever assistance the children need.





Our Charge

The Ardmore Avenue Community Centert akes serious its charge to have a positive impact on the development of youth.  The Center offers a safe haven with programs that give the youth the opportunity for growth and supportive and caring relationships with adults.  The Center provides a critical context within the community, playing a role in shaping the lives of young people.  The AACC offers a broad spectrum of services and opportunities tailored to the needs and interest of our youth where they can learn new skills, develop important competencies and establish healthy supportive relationships with peers and adults.

Our programs provide meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging, self esteem, self-identity, leadership skills, self-initiative, positive time management and conflict resolution.  The staff empowers the young people allowing them to be involved in the decision making process during planning, implementation and evaluation.  The Center involve youth as leaders in programs.  They are given the opportunity for hands on learning.  Relationship building is an important focus.  We know and understand that demographics do not equate destiny!


Program support depends primarily on generous support and donations from individuals, local businesses, and organizations. 100% of your contributions to the AACC are used for our programs and we greatly appreciate your help.